WikoWi offers academic support from qualified professionals in editing, translation services, and consulting to scholars and students in the humanities and qualitative social sciences. Institutions of higher learning can seek out the expertise of WikoWi for consulting services related to accreditation through AQ Austria.



WikoWi offers proficiency in editing, in English and German, based on decades of experience in U.S. American and Austrian academic institutions. Any piece of academic writing submitted for professional assessment ought to undergo a rigorous editing process. Structure, organization, discourse, style, and all aspects of linguistic accuracy may need improvement and are likely to benefit from external suggestions and corrections.

We are familiar with the standards of scholarly discourse in the humanities and qualitative social sciences, and keep abreast of the various style sheets journals and publishers apply, as well as the academic expectations related to student work (seminar papers, theses, dissertations).


Preparing any scholarly writing for a foreign-language audience requires specialized skills. Translating a conference presentation, a grant proposal, an essay, an article, or a book from German into English or English into German has to take into account the specific differences of scholarly discourse from one language to the other.

At WikoWi we are fully familiar with different scholarly styles and discipline-specific discourse. It is important to stay faithful to a writer’s own voice while making sure that the foreign-language version of her/his voice comes across successfully in a “native” way. Our aim is to achieve a balance of authenticity, accuracy, and comprehensibility.

WikoWi offers short sample translations of any submitted document in order to give the client the opportunity to assess the quality of the work and discuss details of the project. All translations go through a verification process by a second translation expert.


WikoWi helps scholars and students look for opportunities to expand their professional network in the U.S and gain valuable experience at an American institution of higher education. It is one of WikoWi’s special goals to give expert assistance to young people in their efforts to explore the world of American post-secondary education, and discover frameworks of teaching and learning that are different from those in Austria.

Spending more than just a semester at a foreign university usually requires substantial financial means. Seeking out opportunities of financial support through grants, scholarships, or fellowships may be crucial to one’s academic and professional success. We place special emphasis on students’ writing of successful proposals to grant agencies and thorough preparation for interviews with agencies and university committees.


WikoWi is equipped to support the leadership teams of universities in their goal to seek (re-)accreditation by AQ Austria, offer advice on quality assurance measures (in teaching and research), provide input for program development, and serve as liaison in the communication between the institution and AQ Austria.

Academic integrity

WikoWi strictly adheres to principles of academic integrity in all its services and may refuse to continue an assigned task if it becomes clear that the submitted material does not comply with European or US-American standards of academic integrity.

Good Academic Practice

WikoWi will not accept any professional assignment that is based on the expectation of complicity in any sort of academic fraud (e.g. copy right violations, plagiarism, ghost writing, rewriting of submitted texts, insider info trading).

Austrian Accreditation

WikoWi’s consulting services regarding accreditation follow the legal framework of Austrian accreditation requirements as they apply to private universities and/or universities of applied science. Any intent of bypassing these legal requirements will not be endorsed by WikoWi.


The founder of WikoWi, Maria-Regina Kecht, is a scholar of literature, who wants to utilize her expertise as a former university professor and university administrator in support of academic projects and initiatives. She gained master’s degrees from Moscow State University and the University of Illinois and completed her doctoral program in American Literature and Comparative Literature summa cum laude from Innsbruck University.

She did further post-graduate work at Indiana University and started her academic career as researcher and teacher at Hamilton College before moving on to the University of Connecticut and Rice University. In the course of her university assignments in the U.S., she developed many kinds of undergraduate and graduate courses, published articles and books in German and English, organized conferences, and succeeded in obtaining a number of important curricular and scholarly grants.

For several years, she also served as editor of a major journal on Austrian Studies and regularly contributed to journals’ peer-review process of scholarly papers. Her long-standing involvement in interview committees for grant agencies is another asset. During the last several years, Maria-Regina Kecht was Academic Director at an Austrian private university and in conjunction with this assignment, she had the opportunity to serve in a leadership function at the Austrian Private University Conference.

Dr. Teresa Kovacs

University of Vienna

"Dr. Kecht sieht den Menschen, der hinter einem Text steht. Ihre Übersetzungsarbeit ist nicht nur äußerst professionell, sondern auch die persönliche Betreuung ist einzigartig, die man bei ihr erfährt. Ihre Professionalität und ihr Engagement sind unvergleichlich."


Submit a brief query via the contact page and you will receive a prompt response. If you leave your phone number, you will receive a follow-up call to discuss your query. If the project fits the service spectrum of WikoWi, we will suggest times for an individual meeting. Any business agreement will be articulated in writing, including cost and timeline.

It really depends. If you have a smaller editing or translation project, a deadline of a few days may be manageable. If it's a bigger project, it is crucial that you plan ahead and that you are aware of the fact that serious work cannot be completed in a rush. 

Because WikoWi serves a variety of clients and carries out a different types of tasks requiring differing skills involving varying amounts of time, there is no way of providing a fixed list of prices. For all assignments – editing, translation, coaching, consulting – we will present an individualized and itemized cost of services. Price ranges offered by professional organizations (e.g. for translation or editing work) serve us as comparative parameters.

If you believe that the experience and qualifications of the founder of WikoWi do not sufficiently guarantee your satisfaction, please ask for references so that you could approach former clients and colleagues (students, academics, scholars, administrators) and obtain more information about work ethics, time management, work results, and related concerns.